Dynamic Range of Fully Managed Hosting Solutions

SolaDrive provides support and management for a wide range of services to accommodate your current needs but also future needs as your business or site grows..


Fully Managed Linux SSD VPS

Choose from a selection of Linux VPS plans on high performance SSD servers with support that exceeds your expectations.

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Windows SSD VPS

Fully Managed Windows SSD VPS

Select from a range of Windows VPS plans with Windows 2008, 2012 or 2016 operating systems that meets the needs of your site or application.

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Dedicated Servers

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Choose or Customize a high performance Dedicated Server that includes full management for Linux and Windows operating systems.

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Managed Data Center Collocation Services

With data centers across the world, choose a location that works best your server and hardware requirements.

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One Platform, Multiple Hosting Features

Why SolaDrive?

We know it can be hard to decide on a web host these days, with new hosts popping up every day. So, to help ease the decision-making, we have listed a few key points that really set us apart from our competition.

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What Types of Hosting Does SolaDrive offer?

Acronis Cyber Backup delivers the data protection that meets today’s demands. It keeps your business running, protecting any workload, scaling without limits, and saving you money.

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Fully Managed VPS

Has your shared hosting service become too limiting for your growing business? Well, it’s time to upgrade to something new, exciting, and more capable. Our fully managed VPS hosting options are the ideal solutions if you need a dedicated server’s capability but are not ready to deal with all the hardware involved. 

Unlike unmanaged hosting, which throws you in the deep end and gives you full responsibility for your server, fully managed VPS hosting relieves you of your server’s technical aspects so that you can focus more on growing your business. 

Our managed VPS systems are available to you for whatever functionality you need. Because we manage your VPS for you, you do not need any IT expertise. We handle all the maintenance, troubleshooting, and software installation tasks, leaving you with more time to develop and implement revenue generation strategies.

Why should you choose SolaDrive’s fully managed VPS hosting?

SolaDrive is built from years of rich experience in IT systems engineering and consumer web solutions. We know VPS systems inside and out, which means you can count on us to get your service set up correctly and fix all your issues. 

Our VPS hosting is tailored explicitly for startups and growing businesses with web-based applications. We offer VPS nodes with top-range Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) drives, which are much faster than Solid State Drives (SSDs). NVMe nodes offer load times of a fraction of a second, which can give you an edge over your competition. 

With a fully-managed VPS, you get a dedicated support team that is always at your beck and call. Our team of specialists handles every aspect of VPS hosting, saving you valuable time and allowing you to focus on more critical tasks. As your business grows and your server requirements increase, we will be right there to help you scale up quickly and easily, with little to no downtime. We will work with you to ensure you have the hosting resources you need when you need them. 

Your server’s availability is at the top of our priority list. Our VPS nodes come with a 100%-uptime guarantee, thanks to NVMe storage, dual network speeds, redundant power supplies, A and B power feeds, and always-available online spare parts. We have also invested heavily in our fully redundant 10GE topology networks to achieve one of the world’s most stable networks. 

SolaDrive partners with global leading data backup and security companies like Acronis and R1Soft to keep your data available and safe. Furthermore, we have data centers in six locations to maximize your site’s potential. 

Finally, our fully managed VPS solutions give you comprehensive server monitoring and proactive responses. While many service providers will wait for you to report an issue, we continuously monitor your server and respond even before you realize a problem exists. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing we are watching your VPS at all times. 

  • Fully managed VPS experts

  • NVMe drives for ultra-fast website load times

  • 24/7/365 dedicated support team

  • Fully supported scalability

  • 100% VPS uptime guarantee

  • Robust data backup solutions 

  • Multiple VPS hosting locations 

  • Proactive monitoring and response

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Managed Windows VPS

If you are looking for the perfect solution to host your website or app in the cloud, managed VPS systems are your best bet. They offer greater resilience against downtime than traditional Web hosting solutions and are especially ideal for enterprise workloads. 

Windows VPS hosting provides secure web hosting on a dedicated server, eliminating the issues that share server space with other sites. If you choose the fully managed option, you get full hardware and software support. You can leave all the technical elements of your VPS to your hosting company of choice and concentrate on more essential tasks like bringing in traffic and generating revenue. 

What do you get from our Managed Windows VPS hosting solutions?

SolaDrive is a leading provider of fully managed Windows VPS hosting with some of the industry’s most reliable and affordable plans. Over the years, we have garnered a strong reputation as the experts in Windows virtual private servers. 

With SolaDrive’s fully managed Windows VPS hosting, you can take advantage of our years of experience managing Windows servers. Our team of experienced professionals will give you optimized and secure cloud-based hosting that maximizes your ROI. Moreover, our service offers the best versions of standard Windows hosting software, such as ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Access Database MVC 5, and Classic ASP. Regardless of your needs, you can count on us to get your server working for you in the best way possible.

Our industry-leading managed Windows VPS service includes 24/7/365 monitoring, installation, and maintenance support. We also provide full assistance when migrating from other hosts so you can avoid nasty downtimes during the transition and come onboard without hiccups. 

SolaDrive understands the importance of secure and compliance-ready solutions. Our managed Windows VPS solutions are compliant with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC, and ISO standards. Security is a crucial priority for us across all layers of our service. 

A proper VPS solution is one that grows with your business. Signing up for our managed Windows VPS hosting earns you a lifetime partner that will help you with all the additional resources you need as your site scales. 

At SolaDrive, we understand the importance of faster websites and being close to your audience. You can choose to have your fully managed Windows VPS account in any one of our six global locations, including New York, Los Angeles, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. 

  • Leading Windows VPS hosting providers

  • Fully managed Windows VPS hosting

  • The latest version of standard Windows hosting software

  • 24/7/365 tech support with full migration assistance

  • Security and compliance

  • Scalable solution

  • Multiple hosting locations

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Managed Dedicated Servers

Many new websites start with shared hosting services. However, as they grow in popularity and complexity, sharing one server with many other sites makes less sense. When this happens, your next step up is a virtual private server. A VPS still gives you access to a shared server, but these servers have fewer sites, and nobody else can access your portion. However, while your website cannot be affected by other sites, it can suffer from more traffic and storage needs than your VPS portion can handle. 

When your site grows beyond VPS resources, your best bet is a dedicated server. These servers are the ideal hosting solution for websites that experience substantial traffic, host busy online stores, or serve business-critical applications. They give you multiple resources dedicated to your website’s specific requirements. Unlike shared hosting services and VPSs, dedicated servers are not shared. Instead, you get full control of your server and can control resources like RAM and bandwidth per your needs. 

Typically, dedicated servers are rented by users and managed by a hosting company like SolaDrive. Reliability is the key reason for choosing a dedicated server over a VPS. With a fully managed service, your web host provider will install, customize, and maintain the server for you. Therefore, you can dedicate more of your time and staff towards developing strategies and generating revenue. 

What do you get from our dedicated servers?

SolaDrive has been in the hosting business for years. We are experts in all things dedicated servers and will work with you to provide the processing power, RAM, and disc space you need. We will provide, install, and maintain the server for you, eliminating the upfront cost of purchasing a server on your own. 

If you are conversant with physical servers, our dedicated solutions can offer administrative access so that you can install and configure the operating systems and software programs your business needs. Meanwhile, we handle all the maintenance, including caching software and anti-spam filters, for flawless performance. We provide the network layer as a managed service, leaving you to concentrate on your server.

Our dedicated servers come with enterprise-level security to protect your website and data, as well as possible. We manage the interconnect hardware that powers the server around the clock, guaranteeing uptimes of 100% per our SLA.  

Dedicated servers are typically costlier than shared hosting. Therefore, if you are budget conscious, it is essential to partner with a hosting provider that offers various hardware options. SolaDrive offers numerous hardware configurations, such as CPU processing power, RAM side, storage capacity, bandwidth, RAID, and so on, depending on your needs and budget. Moreover, we are flexible enough to meet every phase of your website as it grows. You can scale up or down quickly, so you always get maximum value for your investment.  

Finally, SolaDrive is revered for its customer support. We offer reliable technical service 24/7/365 through a team of server experts, who will solve any potential site and server issues you have. A fully managed, dedicated server also gives you proactive server monitoring to catch problems before they affect your website. 

  • Dedicated server experts

  • Fully managed dedicated server hosting

  • Full administrative access

  • Enterprise-level security

  • 100% uptime SLA guarantee

  • Flexible server configurations

  • 24/7/365 client support

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When your business grows to the point where a dedicated server is the most practical option, you will need a data center to host your hardware. This point is where a colocation service comes into play. With colocation, you get to lease racks and cabinets in the heart of a data center for your server. 

A colocation service offers a secure environment for dedicated servers. It provides the building, power, cooling, bandwidth, and physical security and connects client servers to various network service providers. Hosting providers like SolaDrive offer fully managed colocation solutions, which spares you the responsibility of setting up, configuring, and maintaining your server. 

Colocation hosting is common for high-traffic websites that need their data secure and available at all times. Many companies that own these sites do not want the hassle of continually managing their equipment. Others do not have the resources to do it themselves. They go for colocation services, which allow them to leave all the technicalities of their servers to the experts and concentrate on what they do best, growing their business. 

What do you get from our colocation services?

SolaDrive is your one-stop shop for all colocation services. We have fully fledged data centers in six strategic locations around the world, from which you can choose a home for your server based on your specific needs. 

All our data centers are housed in physically capable locations far from disaster hotspots. They also feature robust disaster recovery plans and multi-data center strategies. Should one facility fail, you can quickly move to another location as your center recovers. Therefore, you do not need to worry about possible downtimes and loss of valuable data due to natural disasters like quakes and hurricanes.

SolaDrive’s data centers are rated Tier-3 and above to cater to both growing companies and established enterprises. They come with dual power sources and redundant cooling, along with elite data protection features. Additionally, your network streams come fully backed up, which means you can connect to multiple internet providers to get 100% uninterrupted uptime. Having various carriers also gives you the flexibility of changing your network service as your business needs change over time. 

One of the most significant advantages of a colocation service is it saves you the massive cost of building and maintaining your facility and equipment. However, SolaDrive does not just lease you a data center. We give you network solutions that maximize data security while offering scalable cloud computing services. Our data centers also come with 24/7 onsite data experts to ensure your server runs optimally at all times. We give you the chance to cut costs and access a reliable data center solution with the latest technologies.

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Odoo Hosting

SolaDrive specializes in providing Odoo hosting solutions from our professional support engineers and developers who help take care of all your Odoo issues, requirements and general support. For many years now we have remained one of the few providers who specialize in Odoo Hosting and management. We have staff who are experts with Odoo, along with in-house Odoo developers for custom development or issues that require debugging. If you have an Odoo instance or website and looking for a hosting provider that can support it then consider our pre-configured plans below or contact us for a custom solution.

SolaDrive Odoo hosting solutions come fully managed. Our Odoo specialists will help with migrating your Odoo, performance issues, module/add-on issues, Odoo errors and much more!

We take daily and weekly backups for all Odoo VPS customers. Dedicated Server customers can add affordable backups during checkout. Need your site or database restored? Just open a ticket and we'll take care of it for you.

When you need more resources for your Odoo you can easily scale up from your client control panel. If you need to upgrade your dedicated server it can usually be done with no migration and only a few minutes of downtime.

What good would a managed Odoo service be if it didn't include free migration? Once you have ordered please provide us your previous servers root logins so we can begin the assessment and migration plan to have a successful, problem free, zero-downtime migration.

All of our Odoo services come fully managed and that means we take care of all technical issues for you. We’ll handle everything other providers can't or may not want to such as guaranteeing a trouble-free initial migration, performance optimizations, Odoo module installs, pro-active monitoring, backups, ongoing system and security updates, along with so much more. We'll handle any request that isn't development or code debugging related. For those issues we charge a modest $20/hr to perform.

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R1Soft and Acronis Backups

We provide backup hosting solutions for the two top backup software, R1Soft and Acronis Backups. Both are incredibly robust and reliable backup solutions. Combining backup with antiransomware technologies, Acronis Cyber Backup delivers the cyber protection that today’s organizations need to avoid costly downtime, unhappy customers, and lost revenue. With support for more than 20 platforms, it protects any workload, scales without limits, and saves you money.

By running Acronis Cyber Backup in the Acronis Cloud, you can deliver advanced cyber protection to every endpoint in any location – making it ideal for today’s mobile and remote work environments.

Acronis Cyber Backup keeps your business operations running by ensuring your data is always available. AI- and ML-based technologies proactively defend data against ransomware attacks, and with near-instant recoveries, you’ll meet even the shortest RTOs, avoid operational outages, loss of productivity and costly downtime caused by infections and recovery efforts.

Like traditional backups, our technology starts by taking a full snapshot of your data. But that’s where the similarities end. After the initial replica is created, Server Backup Manager continuously monitors changes to your data and saves only those bits of information that have changed. Since you’re not constantly running full, performance-killing backups, your system’s I/O operations aren’t taxed in any way, keeping those critical resources free to serve your clients’ needs.

Server Backup Manager can be setup to allow access only to administrators, group-based administrators, multi-tenant, tiered multi-tenant or a custom configuration. Whether you’re running a standard Enterprise environment where backup and restore activities are handled by one or more administrators or you have a diverse hosting environment where each customer needs a different level of control, this flexible configuration provides you with fine-grained access control over user privileges.

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  • SolaDrive has excellent service, and are know for it on forums like Webhostingtalk.com. They really takes cares of their customers. They say on their page that support tickets normally is replied on after 10 minutes, but no longer then 60 minutes.

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  • Having had a bad experience with my previous hosting, which I had for about three years, and a tremendous downward spiral in their customer service/technical support, I began a lengthy search for a new hosting provider.

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  • "1. The way John and his (edit: super awesome) team handled my sales inquiry (edit: & subsequently migration). I believe I sent them a message over the weekend and got a response almost instantly."

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    SOFTRITE Technology, Inc
  • " I'm here would like to write a short review about Soladrive and I assure you that I'm a happy customer my self due their SUPERB customer service and the performance of their server! And as for their downtime. I got twice downtime last month but nothing major. I really hope that this won't happen frequently in this month and so on."

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