Managed Windows NVMe VPS

Our Fully Managed Windows VPS Hosting solutions take the hassle out of server management. Our team of skilled engineers handles everything, from proactive monitoring to ensuring optimal performance of the managed VPS hosting. With us at the helm, you can focus on growing your business, knowing that your Windows Server is in good hands. We provide a robust platform that allows you to concentrate on what matters most while we take care of the technical details. Rest assured, we’re constantly keeping an eye on things, addressing any issues before they become problems. Experience peace of mind and the freedom to pursue your business goals with our Fully Managed Windows VPS Hosting.

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    I've been floored by the service. The response time and communication have been unbelievable. I keep wondering what the catch is but there've been none so far....

    Caleb Royer Techtree Partners
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    Hello Friends, I have moved to SOLADRIVE on September 2014 From HUDSONVALLEYHOST with 3 Dedicated Servers Its been more then 3 Years now moving to Soladrive, so i feel...

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    They have one of the most competitive pricing, the support is very prompt and the network is excellent with very few downtimes (has been...

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    I'm here would like to write a short review about Soladrive and I assure you that I'm a happy customer my self due their...

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    1. The way John and his (edit: super awesome) team handled my sales inquiry (edit: & subsequently migration). I believe I sent them...

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    Having had a bad experience with my previous hosting, which I had for about three years, and a tremendous downward spiral in their customer...

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    SolaDrive has excellent service, and are know for it on forums like Webhostingtalk.com. They really takes cares of their customers. They say on their page...

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Fully Managed Windows VPS Panel

Fully Managed Windows VPS

SolaDrive’s Fully Managed Windows Hosting Solutions come with the assurance of round-the-clock monitoring by our team of skilled engineers. If any issue crops up, we jump right in to resolve it. Our automatic proactive approach means you can count on us to catch problems before they affect your operations. And in the rare event that something does go wrong, rest assured our team is on it, leveraging our expertise to swiftly get things back on track. Trust SolaDrive to keep your Windows VPS hosting running smoothly, leaving you free to focus on growing your business. With our Fully Managed Windows Hosting Solutions, reliability and performance are guaranteed, backed by our dedicated support team ready to assist whenever needed.

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Multiple Windows Server Versions Supported in Soladrive Windows VPS

Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019 Supported

With our Windows managed VPS hosting offerings, you have the flexibility to select from a range of operating systems, including Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, or 2019, tailored to your specific preferences or application needs. Whether you have a preference for a particular version or require compatibility with specific software, we’ve got you covered. Our aim is to provide you with the freedom to choose the VPS web hosting platform that best aligns with your requirements, ensuring optimal performance and seamless integration with your applications. So whether you’re looking for the familiarity of an older version or the latest features of the newest release, our Windows VPS server hosting options offer the versatility you need to meet your unique needs.

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NVMe SSD Drive to optimize Windows VPS performance

Windows VPS With NVMe Storage

Our WIndows VPS servers boast enterprise-grade High speed SSD or NVMe drives,, delivering unparalleled disk performance that’s up to 30 times faster than what you’d experience with traditional hard drive storage on a comparable fully managed VPS hosting. Enjoy lightning-fast data access and seamless operations, thanks to the cutting-edge technology powering our VPS server hosting. With these high-performance NVMe drives, you can expect significantly reduced latency and improved throughput, enhancing the overall efficiency and responsiveness of your applications and workflows. Experience the difference firsthand as your tasks execute swiftly and effortlessly, empowering you to accomplish more in less time.

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Multiple Location options for the Fully Managed Windows NVMe VPS

Choose Location for your Windows VPS

Choose the fully managed Windows VPS hosting location that aligns perfectly with your needs and those of your customers. Our offerings include VPS options in key locations such as the United Kingdom, Los Angeles, New York City, and Singapore. Whether you prioritize proximity to your target audience, regional compliance requirements, or other factors, we’ve got you covered with our diverse range of locations. By selecting the ideal location for your VPS server hosting, you can ensure optimal performance, minimal latency, and enhanced accessibility for your users. Make the smart choice and leverage our strategically positioned fully managed VPS hosting servers to deliver an exceptional experience to your audience, wherever they may be.

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Fully Managed Windows VPS with NVMe or SSD storage

Select Your Managed Windows VPS That Uses NVMe SSD Storage

Unlock the power of enterprise-grade hardware without breaking the bank with our Fully Managed Windows VPS Hosting. Featuring dedicated CPU cores, NVMe SSD Raid-10 storage, fully redundant power & network infrastructure, and an isolated, dedicated environment utilizing XEN virtualization technology, these packages deliver exceptional performance comparable to that of a managed web hosting dedicated server, all at a fraction of the cost. Choose from our selection of 4 premium locations strategically positioned to cater to your market audience. Plus, tailor your VPS web hosting experience by selecting from Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, or 2019 to meet your specific requirements. With full access to your Windows managed web hosting VPS round the clock, you have the flexibility to install any compatible software via remote desktop (RDP) whenever you need it. Experience enterprise-level performance and reliability without the hefty price tag, only with our Fully Managed Windows Hosting solutions.

  • WIN-2 Plan


  • WIN-4 Plan


  • WIN-6 Plan


  • WIN-8 Plan


  • WIN-12 Plan


  • WIN-16 Plan


  • Processor

    Central Processing Unit

    Intel 3.0Ghz Cores

  • RAM

    DIMM Stick


    Dedicated DDR4 RAM

  • NVMe Storage

    NVMe Storage Drive


    Raid-10 NVMe Storage

  • Bandwidth

    Bandwidth Traffic


    On 1Gbps Port

  • IP Addresses

    IP Addresses Network


    Total IP's With VPS

Total Recurring:


Monthly Annually
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Windows VPS Features

True Residential IP addresses offered by Soladrive

True Fully Managed VPS Hosting

Choose version of Windows Server for your Managed Windows VPS

Choose From Windows 2008, 2012, 2016 & 2019

Dedicated Private Windows RDP or Remote Linux

Real-Time Monitoring & Support

Money Back Guarantee on Managed Linux VPS

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

High Speed Network Port on Managed Linux VPS

1Gbps VPS Network Port

Periodic Backups for Managed Linux VPS

Daily & Weekly Offsite Backups

Quick 10-Minute Support!

DDOS and Intrusion Prevention on Managed Linux VPS

DDoS Protection

Free Migrations included with the Managed Linux VPS

Free Migrations Included

SolusVM Control Panel for Soladrive's Managed Windows VPS

SolusVM VPS Control Panel

Firewall & DDoS Protection on WordPress Website and Server

High-End Supermicro Nodes

Real-Time Performance & Uptime Monitoring for your WordPress website

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

At SolaDrive, we are committed to providing the best-managed Odoo hosting services to our clients. Our managed Odoo hosting solutions are designed to provide a faster and more secure approach to Odoo hosting, ensuring that your business runs smoothly.

Our Managed Odoo VPS hosting provider solutions give you full privileges and permissions to upload custom modules and make any changes you wish to your Odoo. We provide manually-tuned and optimized servers with fast NVMe disk storage, ensuring that your Odoo platform runs smoothly and efficiently.

We use database filters and multi-site modules to help you manage multiple databases, websites, and data sources. Additionally, we can set up CloudFlare CDN to protect and speed up your Odoo by using a caching network that helps you load your content faster. You will also get full root SSH access to your setup, letting you control your system as desired. You can change your system files and your modules as the need arises by using provided FTP access.

We guarantee that your Odoo platform content stays online when you use our Odoo cloud hosting services as it comes with a 100% Uptime SLA. We use a custom pre-configured software stack that is deployed with every dedicated Odoo server.

We use quality enterprise-grade Supermicro servers and custom security systems built for Odoo to protect your data and keep it online. We also offer PCI compliance scanning to ensure your setup meets all standards for your business. Your server will also be protected with our automated backup services made each day.

Our Odoo technical support team is available 24/7 to serve your every need. You can ask us to install an Odoo instance that fits your business needs, or we can help migrate an existing Odoo system to our server if necessary. Our team can review your needs and find the right Odoo modules that will keep your business up and running. You can contact us twenty-four hours a day for assistance.

By choosing SolaDrive as your managed Odoo hosting provider, you can be assured of the best-managed Odoo hosting solutions that are optimized for your business needs, including Managed Odoo VPS and Odoo managed dedicated server options.

How We Stack Up With Competitors

For Our Popular WIN1 VPS

  • Total Price Per Month
  • Fully Managed
  • Raid-10 NVMe SSD Storage
  • CPU Cores
  • RAM
  • NVMe Storage Space
  • Bandwidth
  • Network Port Speed
  • Dedicated IP
  • Daily Backups
  • Panel Required For VPS Management

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about our Fully Managed Windows Hosting Solution below.

Will you migrate my sites from my previous provider?

Yes of course! What good would a fully managed Windows VPS Soting solution
be if it didn’t include free migration? Once you have
ordered please provide us your previous servers root logins
so we can begin the assessment and migration plan to have a
successful, problem free, zero-downtime migration.

What VPS locations do you offer?

We have 3 different locations you can choose from to have
your VPS hosted:
Los Angeles, California
Buffalo, New York
Coventry, United Kingdom

Can I upgrade my VPS later on?

Upgrading your VPS is easy and can be done at any time from your Client Control Panel. This will typically require a reboot though for changes to take affect since all resources are dedicated.

How long does it take to setup my VPS?

Your VPS will be deployed instantly upon successful payment. Paying by Credit Card can sometimes have a delay of up to 30 minutes if its flagged for fraud review by the Credit Card processor.

Do you provide MSSQL licenses?

Yes we do provide Microsoft MSSQL licenses which you can add during checkout.

What is included in the management of my Windows VPS?

All of our services come fully managed and that means we take care of all technical issues for your Windows VPS. We’ll handle everything other providers can’t or may not want to such as guaranteeing a trouble-free initial migration, performance optimizations, third party software, pro-active monitoring, backups, ongoing system and security updates, along with so much more. We have no limits to any technical request for your VPS, within reason.

What’s the difference between NVMe and SSD?

NVMe SSD is much faster than SATA SSD, infact, about 7 x
faster! Take a look at our HDD vs SSD vs NVMe comparison  page that goes into detail about the

What happens if I go over my bandwidth quota?

You will get notified by our system when you get close to your bandwidth limit and also when you go over it. No service interruption will occur, but we do charge $0.050/GB over your quota.

Will I be given Remote Desktop (RDP) access?

Yes, you will have full Administrative access via RDP.

Do I have access to my VPS backups?

Unfortunately you won’t as we take backups at the node level. All backups are snapshots of each VPS and stored as a compressed file on our backup servers for quick and reliable restores.

Is there a control panel included?

By default we do not include any control panel with your Windows VPS, as not everyone needs one. We do however offer SolidCP for free and Plesk which rates you can see during checkout.

Do you guys allow Adult websites?

Yes, we do allow any adult site that complies to United States laws.

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