Inside Our Servers

Take a physical look at the servers we provide and full details of the server nodes we use to host VPS.

Inside Our Servers & VPS Nodes

In most cases, providers won’t go into detail about the server your VPS will be housed in or the full hardware details of the dedicated servers provided. We are different and want to be transparent by going in-depth with details and pictures of the servers you will be hosted on so you know you’re hosted on the highest quality of equipment. When it comes to building our VPS nodes and in order to provide the best quality of service, we do not skimp on the build quality. In order to do that, it means building servers with multiple points of redundancy, high quality Supermicro hardware, along with monitoring and management by our experienced staff.

Our Servers Specifications

  • Supermicro Hardware
  • Hot Swap Drive Bays
  • Redundant Hot Swap Power Supplies
  • Redundant A+B Power Feeds
  • Redundant, Dual Network Uplinks
  • Samsung Pro NVMe Drives
  • Raid-10 NVMe Storage Arrays
  • Rebootless Kernel Updates with KernelCare
  • Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4210 Processors (32 cores)
  • Daily Offsite Backups with R1Soft

Server Features

Redundant power, network and hard drives guarantee 100% server uptime at Soladrive

Redundant Power, Network & Hard Drives

How do we achieve our multi-year high average uptime for our VPS nodes? By taking critical aspects of our servers and making them redundant. Power and network are the usual culprits to downtime besides hardware failure or user-caused downtime. To prevent this, we have separate power feeds from different power grids feeding redundant power supplies in our servers. Should a PSU or power grid go down, the servers would still stay online. This also goes for network; redundant 1Gbps network feeds from separate routing points in our network feed our servers. At the hardware level hardware, we use Raid-10 redundancy for our NVMe arrays. This means up to two NVMe drives can fail at the same time and the server will keep running.

VPS Nodes With NVMe Storage

Storage is often the biggest bottleneck in virtualization nodes. With our 100% NVMe-based VPS nodes however, bottlenecks are no longer an issue. NVMe storage can offer up to 6x the performance of SSD, which are already incredibly fast and 55x the performance when compared to conventional hard drives. This allows for increased performance for your website, database and backups while decreasing the server’s IO and load wait time.

Soladrive VPS nodes use NVMe drives to eliminate bottlenecks
Soladrive servers have 100% uptime guarantee

100% Uptime Guarantee

We know very well that downtime is unacceptable and having this 100% uptime guarantee is a stamp of assurance that you will not face that on our servers. We invest a lot into each server from having the best hardware to paying for additional hardware to make components redundant, and that yields an excellent level of uptime. This allows us to pass this guarantee onto our customers and give them a bit more peace of mind hosting their crucial sites on our servers.

Raid-10 Disk Space

In all of our servers we use 8x Samsung Pro NVMe in Raid-10 redundancy arrays. This allows for up to two drives to fail at the same time and still allow for no server downtime or data corruption. These server’s also use hot-swap chassis, meaning we are able to replace a failed drive the second we receive notification of the failure, all without any downtime needed.

Soladrive servers use 8x Samsung Pro NVMe in Raid-10 redundancy arrays to prevent downtime and data corruption.
Round the clock professional support at Soladrive

24/7 Monitoring By Professionals

In order to keep our servers online and running fast at all times, 24/7 monitoring by our staff who specialize in managing VPS servers is required. Should CPU load spike, a drive fail, or disk IO increase, we will be aware of it and our staff will be fixing it before you even realize there was a problem. It’s quick, pro-active monitoring that keeps our servers online and reliable, never showing signs of issues. We understand that if your site is down or slow to responding, it hurts your business as much as it hurts ours.