Clearance Servers

  • Same great managed servers that are heavily discounted
  • Real-time monitoring and 10-minute response times
  • Rapid server deployment in as few as 4 hours
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    I've been floored by the service. The response time and communication have been unbelievable. I keep wondering what the catch is but there've been none so far....

    Caleb Royer Techtree Partners
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    Hello Friends, I have moved to SOLADRIVE on September 2014 From HUDSONVALLEYHOST with 3 Dedicated Servers Its been more then 3 Years now moving to Soladrive, so i feel...

    kingofall Junior Guru Wannabe
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    They have one of the most competitive pricing, the support is very prompt and the network is excellent with very few downtimes (has been...

    Partho Sarathi Maxotek
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    I'm here would like to write a short review about Soladrive and I assure you that I'm a happy customer my self due their...

    Brian Croft AirHawk Goods
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    1. The way John and his (edit: super awesome) team handled my sales inquiry (edit: & subsequently migration). I believe I sent them...

    SupportFolks SOFTRITE Technology, Inc
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    Having had a bad experience with my previous hosting, which I had for about three years, and a tremendous downward spiral in their customer...

    Trevor G PhatSaq.net
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    SolaDrive has excellent service, and are know for it on forums like Webhostingtalk.com. They really takes cares of their customers. They say on their page...

    Kenneth Myhre Myhken VPS Reviews
  • Supermicro Servers

    24/7 Real-Time Monitoring for Clearance Servers

    We are constantly monitoring your server and websites. Should a service fail or your website display an error, we will login to your server and fix the issue immediately.

  • 100% Network Uptime

    100% Network Uptime SLA Guarantee

    With real-time monitoring by our staff, we carry a 100% network uptime SLA guarantee. See our service level agreement for more details.

  • Fully Managed Servers

    Fully Managed Clearance Servers
    Secured & Optimized

    All servers come fully managed, secured and optimized with real-time monitoring by our trained engineers. If we see any problems, we will immediately respond to resolve the issue.

  • Rapid Delivery

    Rapid Clearance Server Delivery

    In most cases, servers that are ordered are delivered and available to you online in just 2-4 hours after ordering.

  • Root Access To Servers

    Root Access for your Managed Clearance Server

    We give you complete control of your server with SSH access so you can make changes even at the root level. It’s your server, so there should be no restrictions!

  • Dedicated Server Location

    Choose Your Location

    We offer dedicated servers in Buffalo, NY, Seattle, WA and Los Angeles, CA. Giving you the option to choose the location that works best for you.

Select Server Location To View Details

INTEL PROCESSOR(S) Cores + Threads Memory Storage Bandwidth Port Monthly
SALEIntel E3-1230v2 8 x 3.3 GHz Max 16 GB 2x250GB SSD or 2x1TB HDD 10TB 100Mbps $51.00 Customize(Discount applied on checkout)
SALEIntel E3-1230v5 8 x 3.4 GHz Max 16 GB 2x250GB SSD or 2x1TB HDD 10TB 100Mbps $57.00 Customize(Discount applied on checkout)
SALE2x E5-2620v4 32 x 3.0 GHz Max 32 GB 2x250GB SSD or 2x1TB HDD 10TB 100Mbps $147.00 Customize(Discount applied on checkout)

Select Server Location To View Details

  • Buffalo, NY
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Seattle
INTEL PROCESSOR(S) Cores + Threads Memory Storage Bandwidth Port Monthly  
SALEIntel E3-1230v5
4 Cores / 8 Threads @ 3.4Ghz 16GB DDR4 RAM 2 x 500GB Enterprise SSD 15TB Premium Bandwidth 1Gbps Port Speed $95/mo Customize(Discount applied on checkout)
SALEIntel 2 x E5-2660v4
28 Cores / 56 Threads @ 3.2GHz 16GB DDR4 RAM 2 x 500GB Enterprise SSD 15TB Premium Bandwidth 1Gbps Port Speed $265/mo Customize(Discount applied on checkout)
INTEL PROCESSOR(S) Cores + Threads Memory Storage Bandwidth Port Monthly  
SALEIntel i3-4330
2 Cores / 4 Threads @ 4.0GHz Max 16GB DDR4 RAM 2 x 500GB Enterprise SSD 15TB Premium Bandwidth 1Gbos Port Speed $55/mo Customize(Discount applied on checkout)
SALEIntel E3-1231v3
4 Cores / 8 Threads @ 3.8Ghz MAX 16GB DDR4 RAM 2 x 500GB Enterprise SSD 15TB Premium Bandwidth 1Gbps Port Speed $85/mo Customize(Discount applied on checkout)
SALEIntel 2x E5-2620v4
16 Cores / 32 Threads @ 4.0GHz 16GB DDR4 RAM 2 x 500GB Enterprise SSD 15TB Premium Bandwidth 1Gbps Port Speed $185/mo Customize(Discount applied on checkout)
INTEL PROCESSOR(S) Cores + Threads Memory Storage Bandwidth Port Monthly  
No Servers Currently Offered
No Servers Currently Offered

Not exactly sure what server you need?

Chat with one of our server experts who can help you determine what solution will work best.

Custom Configurations • High Availability Clusters • Specific Requirements

Dedicated Server Standard Features

True Residential IP addresses offered by Soladrive

DDoS Protection

Our managed dedicated servers include free DDoS Protection for layers 3, 4 and 7, Free SSL Certificates, Free Daily Malware Scans and real-time server and network monitoring by our Security Operations Center.

Free SSL Certificates on your Managed Dedicated Server

Free SSL Certificates

We will provide an unlimited amount of free SSL Certificates for all of your domains and websites. All certificates will also be set to automatically renew forever!

Real time 24/7 support for your dedicated Windows or Linux VPS


All servers come fully secured and hardened using our in house security software (Secure Server+) that installs 25+ security enhancements from firewall setup to detailed security emails.

Free Migration Assistance from your server to Soladrive's Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Free Migration Assistance

We'll migrate any website or application, basic or complex from any hosting provider, completely free. One of our specialists will reach out and plan the migration from start to finish to ensure a 100% zero-downtime and trouble-free migration.

CloudFlare CDN Included in Managed Dedicated Offering

CloudFlare CDN

All dedicated servers come with Cloudflare’s CDN, which caches static content and reduces latency by delivering assets as close as geographically possible to visitors. This allows for your sites to load fast for everyone!

IPMI and Server Control for your Managed Dedicated VPS

IPMI and Server Control

With our control panel you can do everything from remote reboots, operating system reinstalls, KVM, view bandwidth statistics and much more.

Quality Supermicro Hardware powers your MAnaged Dedicated VPS Server

Quality Supermicro Hardware

We use nothing but enterprise grade Supermicro hardware to ensure the highest level of server reliability.

Flexible, Custom Server Builds for your Managed Dedicated Servers

Flexible, Custom Server Builds

Not seeing what you need? We can help build the server you are looking for or help advise and suggest what would be best based on your requirements.

How We Stack Up With Competitors

For Our Popular Intel E-2236 Server

  • Total Price Per Month
  • Fully Managed
  • Comparable CPU
  • Standard RAM
  • Standard Storage Space
  • Bandwidth
  • DDoS Protection
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • IPMI Server Control
  • cPanel Required For
    Server Management
  • SolaDrive



    • Intel E-2236
    • 16GB
    • 2 x 250GB SSD
    • 10TB
  • BigScoots



    • Intel E-2136
    • 8GB
    • 2 x 256GB SSD
    • 5TB
  • LiquidWeb



    • Intel E3-1230v6
    • 16GB
    • 2 x 240GB SSD
    • 8TB
  • KnownHost



    • Intel E-2224
    • 8GB
    • 256GB SSD + 1TB
    • 6TB

Frequently asked questions


Do you have an SLA (Service Level Agreement)?

We have both a 100% network uptime SLA as well as a 2 hour hardware replacement SLA in the event something fails on your server. The 2 hour SLA applies from the time we have identified what piece of hardware has failed. If any downtime occurs we credit your account accordingly to our SLA

Can I upgrade my server or hardware?

You can upgrade your server at anytime, often without any migration needed. Just contact us with the server you want to upgrade to or hardware you’d like to add and will schedule a time with you to perform a migration-free upgrade. You can also “add on” additional hardware, software, and features to your server at any time through your client control panel.

What’s included in the full management of my server?

All of our services come fully managed and that means we take care of all technical issues for you. We’ll handle everything other providers can’t or may not want to such as guaranteeing a trouble-free initial migration, performance optimizations, third party software, pro-active monitoring, backups, ongoing system and security updates, along with so much more. We have no limits to any technical request for your server, within reason. To read more about the specifics of what’s included in the management of your server, read our support management page.

Does my server come with a management control panel?

Every server comes with IPMI, which is a control panel which allows you to manage all aspects of your server. You can do everything from reboots, operating system reinstalls, KVM and much more. You can also access all these functions from the Client Control Panel where you can also see graphs of your servers bandwidth, ping, latency, power status, and more.

Is cPanel included?

We do offer it though during checkout as an addon for an additional fee based on the number of cPanel accounts you have. We also offer many alternative control panels as well, from paid to free control panels.

How long does it take to get my server set up?

Servers are provisioned in two-four hours after ordering if it’s a standard server we stock. If you order a customized server, it can take up to three business days if we need to purchase hardware to build the server.

What is RAID and why is it important?

RAID is a method for storing your data on multiple hard disks and mirroring the information between the drives. If one of your drives fails, the other drive(s) will keep the server running with no data loss or downtime. Some levels of raid offer only data protection, some offer only performance enhancement, and some do both. Below are all the RAIDs we support, explained for you briefly.

RAID-0: This type of RAID uses a method of data storage known as striping. The technology divides the data into pieces, and places each piece on a different drive. Because the data is divided among different drives, RAID-0 offers the best level of performance for disk IO and throughput. It is typically used for multimedia applications or temporary caching purposes where data loss is not a concern since any drive failure would result in data loss.

RAID-1: This type of RAID uses a method of data storage known as mirroring. Generally your data is stored on two drives. Should one fail, your server will continue to run fine on the second drive and no data will be lost. This RAID level is most common and suggested as a minimum for any server where data loss is not acceptable. It also offers an increase in data read performance as data is being read from more than one drive.

RAID-10:RAID-10 is really the best of both Raid-0 and Raid-1, as it offers both the best performance and the best data redundancy. It requires at least four drives, however up to two drives can fail without any data loss or downtime. It also provides the best level of data striping, which increases the IO ceiling and data throughput. We suggest this RAID level for performance demanding servers and if it can be afforded.

How many IP’s are included?

Each serer is deployed with 1 IP address. If you need more you can add additional IP’s during checkout or from your client control panel.

Are there any setup fees or minimum contract period?

There are no setup fees or hidden costs. We only require monthly commitments, meaning once you pay for your first month of the server, you are free to leave at any time with no cancellation fees or advance payments. We only ask to put in a simple cancellation request from your Client Control Panel. However, committing to a longer pay period benefits you with discounted pricing.

Will you migrate my sites from my previous provider?

Yes of course! Once you have ordered please provide us your previous servers root logins so we can begin the assessment and migration plan to have a successful, problem free, zero-downtime migration.

Do you manage Linux and Windows servers?

Yes, we manage and support both Linux and Windows operating systems with any dedicated server you purchase from us. We’ll help manage your sites and applications with or without a control panel as well.

Will you manage my server without a control panel?

We certainly will. Most providers will refuse to manage your server unless you use a control panel like cPanel or Plesk, since that is what their technicians are trained to support. With SolaDrive, will manage your server right from the command line or a control panel you prefer. Our only exception is a max of 10 sites, if no control panel is used.

Do you allow Adult websites?

Yes, we allow any adult site that complies to United States laws.