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One of the most important things to do before choosing a provider is to hear what others have to say about them first. This gives you incite on what to expect from a provider before ever using them. This is why we have this testimonials page with authentic reviews of real customers either written by them or pulled from various forums.

  • Caleb Royer

    Caleb Royer

    Techtree Partners

    Most cost effective and efficient option when compared to Odoo

    I've been floored by the service. The response time and communication have been unbelievable. I keep wondering what the catch is but there've been none so far. You guys are very knowledgeable, polite, quick, patient.

    I know all of these positive things aren't super helpful for you guys so I guess if I had to be a complete perfectionist I might want a better explanation of what service to expect from you guys when first signing up. It took me asking a few questions to understand what I got in terms of support from you guys and what I need to work out myself but obviously you answered those questions quickly so it was hardly a negative experience.

    Again, I can't believe I found such an amazing company so I'm looking forward to doing business with you guys for as long as possible.

    Oh and the server is running very well. Fast, no downtime so far, easily accessible. It's great.

    If you guys ever offer a lower priced, unmanaged option, I'd sign up for personal use for sure. Our company is also interested in a Nextcloud instance in the future so if you ever offer a managed Nextcloud server, that would be amazing.

    This has to do with much further down the road but we couldn't go with Odoo Enterprise cloud because of the price but we had planned on using odoo.sh servers in the future once we could afford the service but the odoo sales rep was rude and pushy during our interactions and when I told him our plans to use community for now and odoo.sh in the future he just completely ghosted me so I'm going to make every effort to stick with you guys once the company needs more horse power and features. Not sure if that helps you but I wanted to add it as a testament to your customer service.

  • kingofall


    Junior Guru Wannabe

    Post Soladrive Dedicated Server 3 Years Review

    Hello Friends, I have moved to SOLADRIVE on September 2014 From HUDSONVALLEYHOST with 3 Dedicated Servers Its been more then 3 Years now moving to Soladrive, so i feel its high time to post a detailed In depth Review My Previous Hosts are
    1. Hostgator
    2. Proaxxs
    3. Hudsonvalleyhost
    You can see my previous reviews of Hostgator / Proaxxs HERE and Hudsonvalleyhost HERE Without wasting much time lets go straight into the Review
    Server Pricing : 9/10 I have 3 Dedicated Servers with them
    1. 1. Intel E5-1650v4 12 x 3.6GHz
    2. 2. Intel E5-1650v4 12 x 3.6GHz
    3. 3. Intel E3-1230v2 8 x 3.3GHz
    All the servers are Premium Quality Fully Managed Servers with Cpanal Licences And their Pricing is Cheap and Best I get all this Combined for 500$/Mo Which i this is way too cheap for the Server Quality and Features i get Im not sure if any other hosts available for such low Rates For all 3+ Years the price has been the same , which is good
    And to make things better Soladrive purely understood some of my websites bad situations and gave me good discounts and took some server invoice off plenty of times (when ever the website traffic is less or when ever server or website is down ) i cant even remember how much discounts they have given me till now And also they allow me to pay my invoices late without any penalty when i cant able to pay the Invoices on time The one and only thing i feel is not comforting is that u might get blacklisted IPs for the server which u must be careful when ordering their servers
    Server Performance : 9/10
    In short the server performance is "Simply Outstanding" Their Servers are Fast,Reliable, Superior Performance To add to its performance Soladrive fine tune the server with perfection I was having no big issues with the servers for the past 3+ Years A few downtime here and there is quiet normal i think
    Soladrive Support : 10/10
    I was thinking of giving more the 10 for their support, Such was their Superior support "Fully Managed Servers" They truly maintain the meaning of "FULLY MANAGED SERVERS" such will be their management They take care of every possible things of the server
    Fine tuning server for optimal performance Ticket Responce 5 Mins Max , I dont remember them replying in more then 10 Mins John B - (President of Operations) will be Available in Skype 24/7 , Even on Holidays and Late Night if there are any emergency Situation
    Account Transfers, SSL Installations , Server Monitoring, DNS Issues , database Optimization, You just open a ticket and it will be fixed in Mins They even Support me in my website script side ( Script Updating, Script Optimizing, Fixing Errors , SEO , Ect DMCA complaints will be taken care with proper notifications and they help me all the time to remove those complaint Contents from my website Once One of my Website was Hacked and the whole database was erased, At those moments Soladrive Guys Fixed the issue and brought back the database through R1 soft backup. which was Simply Unbelievable
    Some times they even Push me to the limits by upgrading my websites , Make marketing and to make my Websites Better and Better and keep improving all the time I do some times get confused if they are my hosts or they are my Website Partners , Such will be their involvement in improving my Sites Im very sure i cant get a better support then Soladrive any where else. DOT
    Conclusion : 10/10
    I am very very happy to be with SOLADRIVE as my host Lately my sites are having very less traffic and revenues have gone down badly At one point i was thinking of selling my websites But John B - (President of Operations) Kept encouraging me Kept giving me discounts Even gave me offers to improve my website traffic and if at all im still a webmaster thats becoz of Soladrive To cut short i feel Soladrive as my family and will continue to be with soladrive for ever ....................And i strongly recommend Soladrive for my Friends and other Webmasters.
  • Partho Sarathi

    Partho Sarathi


    I have had 2 dedicated and a VPS server at SolaDrive since August 2012

    They have one of the most competitive pricing, the support is very prompt and the network is excellent with very few downtimes (has been extremely good for the last 6 months or so). The custom OS installation through IPMI was a key reason for me to select them. All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed their services and will recommend it to others.

  • Brian Croft

    Brian Croft

    AirHawk Goods

    Number 1 on my Top 20 benchmarking list

    I'm here would like to write a short review about Soladrive and I assure you that I'm a happy customer my self due their SUPERB customer service and the performance of their server! And as for their downtime. I got twice downtime last month but nothing major. I really hope that this won't happen frequently in this month and so on.

    I've been with them since September 29th 2013 up until now. Been enjoying their Dedi server and VPS.

    Thanks to David, John, Jim and Steven who always there in support tickets! Seriously these guys are quickly reply on tickets. A good hosting without a good service is like a toast without butter. This is the reason I use them.

    Overall I highly recommend Soladrive to everyone. You can't go wrong with this one.

  • SupportFolks


    SOFTRITE Technology, Inc

    OK, here is why I went with SolaDrive:

    1. The way John and his (edit: super awesome) team handled my sales inquiry (edit: & subsequently migration). I believe I sent them a message over the weekend and got a response almost instantly. Never once did he pressure me into signing up with them. On the contrary, he wanted me to feel completely comfortable first and very patiently and happily answered all my questions and addressed every concern I had.
    2. Their flexible and excellent hosting plans - They were very easy to work with and I should say their plans are the very best from what I've seen.
    3. My experience with them - You should experience to believe it. John and his team provided top-notch and excellent service and support from the moment I contacted them and that I would say is still an under-statement. You really would have to experience it yourself. Who says no one can be perfect? SolaDrive.com is a perfect host and John and his team are the perfect hosts.

  • Trevor G

    Trevor G


    SolaDrive Review Web Hosting Talk

    Having had a bad experience with my previous hosting, which I had for about three years, and a tremendous downward spiral in their customer service/technical support, I began a lengthy search for a new hosting provider. I had only been used to shared hosting, and I never needed more. I grew tired of the week (sometimes more) response times to tickets asking why my site was either offline, or why it was running so slowly. At this point I decided I was done with the shared hosting BS and wanted to get something that was more "my own" so to speak.

    I read many reviews here, did a great deal of research, read reviews, checked various hosts out with the BBB, and compared what I would be getting for the cost, etc.

    I found, what I had hoped would be my new home with another provider, but that was short lived, as the server was non-responsive and unreachable every 2-3 hours. I was told that the server needed to be rebooted, that something was wrong with the virtual network adapter, and various other things. I ended up parting ways with them after a few days of this behavior and luckily, they had a refund policy, which I was thankful for. I didn't feel that repeated downtime (over the 3-4 days I had it, it was offline at least 8-10 times), was a very good sign of things to come.

    After a bit more research, hesitancy, and even more research, and having now felt that maybe I was entering unfamiliar territory, I had things narrowed down to a few different providers, that I looked over very closely; one of them was SolaDrive.

    I signed up for service on May 7, 2018 however due to a delayed shipment for memory, the server build was delayed until the 9th (which was fine with me, they were honest about it, and let me know), however on the 8th I was told the memory had arrived, and they got me all setup on the 8th.

    In the short period I have been with SolaDrive, I have experienced nothing less than excellent customer service, both from John, and all the technical staff I have interacted with. John has been tremendously courteous, and generous – when I signed up, I chose the basic 120GB SSD primary drive, and a secondary 500GB SATA3 drive. John informed me that they did not have any 120GB SSD's in stock, so instead he kindly upgraded the SSD to 250GB for no charge – to me, this was a very big deal, and was a contrast to my previous experiences.

    I have also learned a few things, even though I do have some basic understanding of Linux and some commands, but it's been comforting to have someone to lean on if something goes wrong, which thankfully has not been the case. The very few things that I have needed done, have been done promptly, and properly. I have had, that I am aware of, no downtime, aside from that when the server has been rebooted by myself, and no other issues, so I am tremendously happy with my decision.

    I highly recommend SolaDrive to anyone who is looking for an honest, straightforward, and professional hosting company. I realize that my time there has been short, but in the time in which I have been treated with the upmost of respect, and honesty.

  • Kenneth Myhre

    Kenneth Myhre

    Myhken VPS Reviews

    Number 1 on my Top 20 benchmarking list

    SolaDrive has excellent service, and are know for it on forums like Webhostingtalk.com. They really takes cares of their customers. They say on their page that support tickets normally is replied on after 10 minutes, but no longer then 60 minutes. I have checked my last three tickets, and the response time was: 23 minutes, 3 minutes and 4 minutes. Thats a average of 10 minutes, so they don't lie on their site.

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