Dynamic Range of Fully Managed Hosting Solutions

SolaDrive provides support and management for a wide range of services to accommodate your current needs but also future needs as your business or site grows..


Fully Managed NVMe SSD VPS

Choose from a selection of Linux VPS plans on high performance Intel Xeon Scalable servers with NVMe storage and support that exceeds your expectations.

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Windows SSD VPS

Fully Managed Windows SSD VPS

Select from a range of Windows VPS plans with Windows 2012, 2016 or 2019 operating systems that meet the needs of your site or application.

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Dedicated Servers

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Choose or customize a high performance dedicated servers that includes full management for Linux and Windows operating systems.

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Managed Data Center Colocation Services

With data centers across the world, choose a location that works best for your server and hardware requirements.

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One Platform, Multiple Hosting Features


Fully Managed Solutions

All of our services are fully managed by our team of certified and experienced technicians who are available 24/7 to handle all of your requests. You can rest easy knowing that your server is in good hands, with technicians who know what they are doing and take pride in their work.


100% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee a SLA network uptime of 100% for all of our customer’s servers and VPS. With a premium blend of networks, along with redundant network infrastructures; we are able to easily stand by this commitment.


Multiple Locations

Location plays a big part in performance, visitor experience, page load time, along with many other factors. Choosing a location closest to your target audience is important, and having multiple options helps make that decision easy.


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

All of our plans are backed with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. We are confident that you will find our services exemplary and that if you aren’t satisfied with them in any way for the first 30 days of use, we will give you a full refund of your payment.


Experienced, Certified Technicians

Here at SolaDrive we know the importance of great support. We also know that time is valuable. That is why we employ staff that are certified experts in their field so they know exactly how to solve your issue, without time wasted searching for a solution.


Flexible Management

No control panel? No problem! Unlike most managed service providers we don’t require you to use cPanel to have your server managed. We support a wide range of control panels and will even manage your server with no control panel at all. Using third party application or software? We’ll manage that too! With our diverse knowledge we’ll give it our best to help you.

Why SolaDrive?

We know it can be hard to decide on a web host these days, with new hosts popping up every day. So, to help ease the decision-making, we have listed a few key points that really set us apart from our competition.

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What Types of Hosting Does SolaDrive Offer?

SolaDrive provides individuals, businesses and organizations hosting solutions to place a business website, ecommerce store or personal website on the Internet. By offering fully managed hosting solutions, SolaDrive is able to meet your requirements with multiple different options. What does this mean for you? It means that SolaDrive is a full-service partner for all of your web hosting needs and we will stand with you every step of the way.

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Fully Managed VPS

Does your business require dedicated VPS support right now? Our fully managed VPS setups will provide you the dedicated resources you require without paying any upfront costs for a physical server.

Fully managed VPS hosting helps you focus on the content of your website instead of the more technical features of your work. Our US-based support staff will monitor your server and manage all your maintenance and troubleshooting needs.

Why should you choose SolaDrive’s fully managed VPS hosting?

Our solutions at SolaDrive focus on a simplified approach to handling your website. We provide smart fully managed VPS hosting solutions for new businesses and those looking to expand.

We use dedicated software that keeps your server secure, plus we can prepare a software-based firewall for a Windows or Linux server. We also support malware and antivirus scanners.

Our 24-hour monitoring service ensures your fully managed VPS system stays safe. We identify failed processes, foreign entities, and various other concerns and fix anything that might develop in your work. Our work is about seeing your system can stay safe and protected.

We also use Non-Volatile Memory Express drives that work faster than traditional SSDs. Your data will be easier to read, plus everything remains stable.

We also utilize redundant power supplies to ensure your connection stays intact longer. You’ll even get full root access to everything in your VPS system.

We at SolaDrive also support data backup systems from Acronis and R1Soft. We also have six separate data centers to ensure your content stays online and isn’t centralized in one place.

Contact us today to learn more about what we provide for your fully managed VPS hosting needs. We offer a simple solution for work that you can trust.

  • Free migration services

  • NVMe drives for fast loading

  • 24-hour pro-active monitoring

  • Support for installing third-party scripts and software

  • Regular auditing and optimization services

  • Supports SolaSecurity safety tools

  • Runs on multiple hosting locations

  • Full root access available

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Managed Windows VPS

Are you aiming to use a Windows-based server for your work needs? Our managed Windows VPS solutions will provide you a familiar interface that helps you keep your website upright.

Our managed VPS solutions are ideal for your business. You will ensure your website stays online and avoid downtime risks that you’d find through traditional hosting solutions.

You can select the unique VPS setup you demand based on your technical needs. We provide a full assortment of different dedicated VPS servers you can trust. Our systems are easy to support, plus you won’t need to worry about the technical aspects of keeping things running.

What do you get from our Managed Windows VPS hosting solutions?

SolaDrive provides a quality approach to managed Windows VPS solutions you can trust. We provide a fully managed system that we routinely monitor based on any threats that develop. We can optimize your cloud-based hosting needs based on your technical demands.

You can select a managed Windows VPS setup based on your processing needs. You can select the number of Intel 3.0GHz cores you require, how much dedicated DDR4 RAM you demand, the amount of Raid-10 NVMe storage you need, and how much bandwidth you can handle. You can also request one or two IP addresses based on your needs.

Our Samsung Pro NVMe hard drives are especially convenient for your needs. Our drives perform 30 times better than a traditional VPS hard drive on average.

We also have four VPS locations. You can select your location based on where you are operating and what connection fits your needs the best.

We support Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2019. We also work with all the other hosting programs you require for your needs, including ASP.NET, MySQL, Classic ASP, and Access Database MVC 5.

Everything we offer also comes with twenty-four-hour monitoring and support. We can review your system all day and ensure nothing wrong happens with the work you plan.

You can also request our help if you’re aiming to migrate from another host. Our managed Windows VPS migration system will integrate your website with our new setup.

Our managed Windows VPS systems work with all PCI DSS, ISO, SOC, and HIPAA standards.

Ask us today for details on how you can get your managed Windows VPS system running well. You will appreciate the complete approach that we provide for your needs.

  • Fully managed Windows VPS support

  • Real-time monitoring available

  • Daily and weekly offsite backups available

  • Free migration support

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

  • Scalable systems with different processor and RAM needs

  • Four hosting locations available

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Managed Dedicated Servers

Do you need a server completely to yourself? Hiring a dedicated server ensures you’ll have full control over your website’s operation while online. But you’ll need plenty of extra support to help you keep things running smoothly.

We provide managed dedicated servers that support more sites than a traditional VPS. Our servers are more powerful, plus they won’t be subject to impacts from other websites. Each of our managed dedicated servers is controlled by one party each, ensuring full protection.

You can trust us at SolaDrive if you’re looking for a hosting solution that goes beyond a traditional VPS setup. Our managed dedicated servers are for websites that host significant amounts of traffic or focus on business-critical applications.

Our managed system will also help you manage your setups. We’ll install, customize, and maintain all features on your server for you.

You can spend more time focusing on running your business when you contact us at SolaDrive for assistance with your servers. Contact us today to learn more about what makes our service outstanding.

What do you get from our dedicated servers?

SolaDrive provides you full control over your dedicated server. You can select the processing cores, the RAM, and disk space you require. You can request a unique setup with Intel processors and 10 TB bandwidth. Our systems also come with 100Mbps ports to keep your site running its fastest.

Our experts will provide you with a managed dedicated server. We’ll also install and maintain all the software and system features in your server for you. You won’t have to spend immense amounts of money on the cost of purchasing a server yourself.

We also support various security measures for your protective needs. Our SecureServer+ in-house security software program will review all your security features. From setting up a firewall to managing your email server, we can assist you with all the unique needs you hold.

Our dedicated managed servers are flexible and customizable. We can advise you in identifying the best solutions you could utilize. We respect your unique budget needs, which is why we provide multiple dedicated server setups that fit all business demands. You can also scale up or down as necessary.

We also provide 24-hour customer service for whatever needs you might hold. We will ensure everything in your system keeps running and that your website will stay online.

  • Fully secured and optimized servers

  • Servers available in about two to four hours after ordering

  • Full root access available

  • Works with four separate server locations

  • 24-hour monitoring

  • 100% network uptime guarantee

  • 24-hour customer support

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A colocation center allows many people to rent data center space, bandwidth, and other services for keeping a system fully operational. You can use a colocation system when you’re need to make your pre-built server accessible. We at SolaDrive will help you lease data center racks and cabinets for your needs.

A colocation service provides the bandwidth, power, cooling, and security features your server demands. You can select the proper space where your pre-built server will work and identify how much power you require, how many IP addresses you need, and the bandwidth your website demands.

We provide fully managed colocation systems here at SolaDrive. We will set up and configure your server for you. We can also maintain all the security features necessary for keeping your server running.

You can hire us for your colocation needs if you have a high-traffic website that needs to remain available. You will save the trouble associated with keeping things running and will focus instead on managing your business operations. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about any technical aspects of your server, as we will run everything for you.

What do you get from our colocation services?

SolaDrive will support all your colocation needs. We provide fully managed colocation solutions with 24-hour monitoring support. We work with redundant Tier-3 data centers to ensure everything stays active while reducing the risk of downtime.

We offer multiple data centers in various worldwide locations, giving you a choice that fits your needs at any time. You can relocate your colocation center to another site if one fails, ensuring your data stays protected and online.

We’ll set up your equipment for free and secure it with a dual power source and redundant cooling systems. We’ll care for these things for you, saving you the trouble and cost associated with running your equipment at your own facility.

SolaDrive also provides support for multiple IP addresses and data ports. Our colocation system will provide you access to multiple IP addresses and to ports with speeds of 100Mbps or greater. You can also handle bandwidth levels of 5 TB at the start. We provide multiple colocation solutions surrounding the IP and bandwidth support you require.

We also offer a 24-hour onsite security and monitoring service. We will ensure your server keeps running at all times.

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Odoo Hosting

Odoo is the perfect business management platform. You can handle your billing, accounting, ecommerce, and inventory efforts through one platform. Our Odoo hosting service at SolaDrive will help you secure your Odoo activities in one easy to use and protect portal.

SolaDrive offers Odoo hosting solutions that fit your distinct needs. We proudly offer Odoo hosting and management solutions that we can customize as necessary. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get a distinct Odoo hosting solution that fits your needs.

Our Odoo experts at SolaDrive can support Windows, CentOS, and Ubuntu Odoo systems. We can migrate your existing Odoo platform to our servers regardless of the operating system you utilize.

Our servers are optimized to support Odoo activities. We provide real-time monitoring support and free daily and weekly backups with unique VPS plans you can trust.

We offer four hosting locations, plus we support fully scalable solutions for handling your data. You can select your Odoo hosting server surrounding how many CPU cores you require, the NVMe storage and RAM needs you hold, and how much bandwidth you require each month. You can scale up or down our plans as necessary.

We can help you migrate your existing Odoo platform and manage whatever add-ons or modules you wish to incorporate. We can restore and revamp website and database features on request. We provide a 100% uptime SLA guarantee, so your website will always be operational. Whether you need help backing up your system or installing new modules, you can trust us when looking for a convenient Odoo hosting solution. Contact us today to learn more about what we provide for your work needs.
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R1Soft and Acronis Backups

You don’t have to lose your server data to an outage, virus, or any other outside threat. We at SolaDrive provide R1Soft and Acronis backups to ensure your servers stay safe and intact.

We at SolaDrive can manage your backup needs at any time you see fit. R1Soft and Acronis are effective and reliable backup solutions you can trust. R1Soft backups utilize CDP technology to backup data at a block level and not at the file level. The process helps you back up and restore data faster while remaining accurate. R1Soft backups also features 256-bit encryption and can support MySQL and MSSQL databases. R1Soft backups are ideal for enterprise-level systems. Acronis backups are perfect for smaller websites. It supports traditional backups and uses a vulnerability assessment system to identify risk levels on your computer. Acronis also supports anti-ransomware technologies, and it uses blockchain notarization to prevent damages from attacks that target your archive files. Acronis also works in a dedicated cloud to provide protection for all your needs. Our R1Soft and Acronis backups at SolaDrive are always active and can work on-demand. You can instantly recover old content as necessary. The work comes from full snapshots of your data. Our Server Backup Manager system will also monitor regular changes to see that your data remains intact. It monitors changes to your data and only saves the items that have been changed, reducing the time-frame necessary for work. Your system will remain fast and operational because you’re not slowing down the overall performance of your website. Our R1Soft and Acronis backups are available for administrator access and control. You can also configure permissions for which people in your workplace will access backup controls and systems. Contact us at SolaDrive today to learn more about our R1Soft and Acronis backups and how they can work. Our systems provide a convenient approach to work you can trust.

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