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cPanel Price Update

  • Monday, 5th August, 2019
  • 16:54pm

cPanel Price Update Announcement

We have been working closely with cPanel® leading up to the licensing announcement. Detailed below are some of the key changes that you need to be aware of:

Rebranding VPS and Dedicated License Types

cPanel® is evolving their packaging names to coincide with industry terms. VPS is now Cloud and Dedicated is now Metal. The package name changes go into effect immediately.

Per Account Licensing Model

As announced in late June, cPanel® is adjusting its licensing model to be on a per-account basis. The new model allows you to purchase blocks of accounts (100, 150, 200, etc.) or you can auto-scale to add as many accounts as you would like without limitation and be invoiced for usage at the end of the billing period. For clarity, the definition of an account is an account listed in cPanel® & WHM, not a domain name. This licensing structure change goes into effect in September 2019.

Fixed Account Licensing Model

If you prefer fixed price packages, where there is a hard account limit per licensing plan, we have created several fixed account packages:

cPanel® Plan Name Platform Account Limit Total
cPanel® Admin Fixed Cloud Only Up to 5 $20
cPanel® Pro Fixed Cloud Only Up to 30 $30
Premier Fixed 100 Cloud & Metal Up to 100 $45
Premier Fixed 125 Cloud & Metal Up to 125 $50
Premier Fixed 150 Cloud & Metal Up to 150 $55
Premier Fixed 175 Cloud & Metal Up to 175 $60
Premier Fixed 200 Cloud & Metal Up to 200 $65
Premier Fixed 225 Cloud & Metal Up to 225 $70
Premier Fixed 250 Cloud & Metal Up to 250 $75
* All fixed plans above 250 accounts will be scaled in increments of 50 Accounts adding $10/month in incremental licensing cost per block of 50 Accounts. Pricing in USD.

Fixed Account Licensing Upgrades

When a licensed server reaches the account limit of any fixed plan, an upgrade is required in order to add more accounts to that server. Upgrading between two fixed plans will require payment of the difference in price between the two fixed plans. For example, upgrading from cPanel® Admin Fixed ($20/month) to cPanel® Pro Fixed ($30/month) will cost $10 to upgrade. Please note we are unable to prorate upgrades that occur in the middle of your monthly billing cycle.

Flexible Account Licensing Model

If you would like to avoid the need to upgrade between larger fixed price packages, the cPanel® Premier Flex plan is for you:

cPanel® Plan Name Platform Account Limit Base Price
(Up to 100 account)
Bulk Account Price
(Over 100 account)
cPanel® Premier Flex Cloud & Metal 100+ $45 +$0.20/account $45 + Bulk Accounts

For example, if you have a Metal server that has 150 accounts, your monthly cPanel® licensing expense will be $45 + $10 (50 bulk accounts x $0.20 per account = $10) = $55/month. Pricing in USD.

Flexible Account Invoicing

If you choose to have the cPanel® Premier flexible account plan, your initial order will be invoiced for the prorated amount of the base price to the next closest 15th of the month. On each 15th of the month, you will be invoiced for the base price of $45 plus $0.20 per account for all accounts over 100 accounts. If you have 100 accounts or less you will only be invoiced for the base price of $45.

For example, if you signed up on the 1st of the month and have 150 accounts on your licensed server as of the 15th of that same month, you would be invoiced for $22.50 on the 1st (base price of $45 prorated to the 15th). Then on the 15th of that month, you will be invoiced for the base price of $45 plus $10 for your bulk accounts over 100 accounts (50 accounts x $0.20) for a total invoice amount due of $55. Going forward, you would simply continue to receive one invoice on the 15th of each month.

Due to the variable cost of the additional accounts billed on the 15th, we highly recommend customers keep a payment method on file (credit card or PayPal billing agreement) to avoid service disruption due to non-payment.

What Happens to My Existing cPanel®Licenses?

For customers with existing monthly licenses, we will transition those licenses to the new licensing model in early September 2019. We will select the new fixed license tier that fits your usage at the time of the conversion. For example, if you have a metal server with 380 accounts, it will be converted to a Premier Fixed 400 plan at $105/month.

If you would prefer your cPanel® license(s) to be billed on a flexible account plan, please contact our customer service team to request the cPanel® Premier plan which allows auto-scaling.

No Changes to cPanel® Addons

Please note that all active cPanel® addons you have purchased through us will continue to operate with their existing licensing structure, price and billing cycle. Any adjustments mentioned in this email only apply to cPanel® licensed products.

Do I Qualify For Better Pricing?

We want our clients to have the best possible pricing, period. We are still working with cPanel® to find any additional opportunities for volume discounts for our clients, and believe we will have updated information in the weeks to come. In the meantime, please visit the FAQ listed below to find helpful tips on how to reduce the number of accounts on your cPanel® servers so that you only pay for the service that you are using.

We Are Here to Help

As with any announcement of this type, we anticipate that you may have more questions regarding these changes. We have prepared a FAQ document that will be regularly updated. If you still have questions about this new licensing model, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately via phone, email, or live chat.



What will be the new price of my cPanel® licenses?

Please open a support ticket to get an actual quote of the new license cost, otherwise you can determine the cost based on the table above.

Metal Vs Cloud

cPanel® is updating their license types to “Metal” and “Cloud”.
“Metal”, formerly known as “Dedicated”, specifies a server environment that is not using any virtualization software.
A “Cloud” server, also known as “VPS”, is a virtualized environment such as Xen, KVM, or OpenVZ.
A Cloud server can use any license tier, as long as the tier allows for the number of users on the license.
A Dedicated server requires the “Premier” license tier, regardless of the number of cPanel® accounts on the server.
There is no price difference between Metal and Cloud on the Premier tier.

What happens if the maximum number of users is exceeded on a cPanel license? How can a cPanel® license be upgraded or downgraded?

Once a cPanel® license meets the allotted maximum number of users, it must be upgraded to the next tier in order to add more cPanel® accounts. If additional accounts are restored to a server, exceeding the limit, cPanel® and WHM will not be accessible until the license is on the correct tier for the number of users.
cPanel® License Upgrades and Downgrades will be available from the client area, we will provide instructions here once the new pricing takes effect in September.
Auto-scaling (Flex) Premier licenses do not require upgrades or downgrades.

Do suspended accounts count towards the user count?

Yes, All active and Suspended cPanel® accounts will count towards the total number of accounts on a cPanel® license.

What are the billing cycles offered for cPanel® Licenses?

cPanel® has switched to exclusively monthly billing for all cPanel® licenses. We will only offer monthly billing cycles for cPanel® licenses.

What about Quarterly/Semi-Annual/Annual/Biennial/Triennial add-ons?

Addon prices and billing cycles will not be affected. New addons can only be ordered with the monthly billing cycle, however we may offer additional billing cycles in the future.

How will the new prices affect One-Time licenses?

No changes have been announced for One-Time licenses or software updates packages. One (1) year software updates will remain the same price at $200 per year.

Do you expect this pricing model to change?

We are not aware of, or anticipating, any further price changes at this time. We will notify all users of any changes to the cPanel® pricing provided here.

What are the discount tiers for bulk cPanel® licenses?

Our cPanel® license prices will be the same for all customers, across all licenses. Licenses with auto-scaling are billed at $0.20 per user, for all licenses. These prices will apply regardless of the number of cPanel® licenses or the number of users on a server.

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