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High End VPS Node/Server

Intel Xeon 2 x E5-2620’s - 12 Cores Guaranteed/24 Total Shared (2 Customers Per Server)
• 1TB Space - 8 x WD Enterprise RE4 Hard Drives in Raid-10 with CacheVault (like BBU, but better)
• 240GB SSD CacheCade (frequently accessed files load from an enterprise SSD for increase performance and eliminate IO issues)
• LSI 9271-8iCC Raid Card for superior performance (PCI 3.0, CacheCade, FastPath, 1GB DDR3 RAM)
• 32GB DDR3 ECC Ram
• Supermicro Chassis, Power Supply & Motherboard
• Redundant Power Supply & True A+B Redundant Power
• Hot Swap Drives Bays (replace failed drive without downtime)
• OpenVZ + SolusVM Professionally Pre-Installed and Configured to best settings
• 1Gbps Port
• 10,000TB Bandwidth
• 32 Usable IP's

  • Los Angeles, NYC (Google’s DC), United Kingdom • Choose From 3 Locations
Remote Server Management

Management for third party servers/services that are not hosted with us.

ERP Solo Hosting

Host One Site
20GB NVMe Disk Storage
20 Email Accounts
Free SSL Certificate
2TB Bandwidth
Optimized Dolibarr Installation/Setup
CentOS Web Control Panel
CloudFlare CDN
Daily/Weekly Account Backups
Free Backup Restoration
Fully Managed Dolibarr Support

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

  • Samsung
  • Juniper
  • Western Digital
  • Supermicro
  • LSI
  • Intel
  • R1Soft Backups
  • cPanel
  • MySQL
  • Parallels
  • HP Partner

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