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How to Set Custom/Private Nameservers in WHM You can set up custom/private nameservers from WHM. 1. Log in to WHM Account. 2. Go to Server... How to Create/Add a Package in the WHM You can create predefined packages in the WHM for automation or another purpose.1. Log in to your... How to Edit a Hosting Package in WHM You can edit the hosting package of your account. With root access, you can edit the packages of... How to Delete a Package in WHM You can remove the hosting package of your account, or, should you have root access, you can also... How to Create a Feature List in WHM You can create a feature list from your WHM Account. Feature lists allow you to provide a... How to Enable/Disable Features of cPanel Account From WHM You can enable/disable features of your customers' cPanel account from WHM. Follow this tutorial... How to Remove a Feature List from WHM Follow this tutorial if you have a feature list you don't need and want it removed. 1. Log in to... How to Create a New Account in WHM To create a cPanel account, you need to create at least one hosting package. In WHM, you can... How to Force cPanel Users to Change Their Passwords Using WHM Do you want to force cPanel users to change their passwords after login? If so, follow this... How to Limit Bandwidth Usage of cPanel User From WHM Do you want to increase or limit cPanel user's bandwidth usage? A WHM user can modify the... How to Suspend a cPanel User in the WHM Account You can suspend а cPanel user from accessing your WHM account. 1. Log in to your WHM Account.... How to Unsuspend cPanel User From WHM Account You can unsuspend cPanel accounts from WHM. Follow this tutorial to unsuspend your cPanel user....
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Enterprise-Grade Hardware

  • Samsung
  • Juniper
  • Western Digital
  • Supermicro
  • LSI
  • Intel
  • R1Soft Backups
  • cPanel
  • MySQL
  • Parallels
  • HP Partner