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How to Access the WordPress Admin Dashboard WordPress is an easy to work with CMS software. To access a WordPress account, please follow... How to Add Featured Posts to a WordPress Website A featured post contains links to your most well-liked or most current articles that illustrate... How to Clone a WordPress Website You can find yourself in a pickle and worry a little about losing the website if you need to test... How to Remove Sample Comments and Posts From WordPress You get sample comments and posts in a fresh WordPress install. You can easily remove them in the... How to Write and Publish Your First Blog Post in WordPress Writing your first blog post is a fascinating thing. Follow the steps below to do so in... How to Remove a Post in WordPress You can remove the published or draft post in WordPress.1. Log in to the WordPress dashboard. 2.... How to Bulk Delete Posts in WordPress It is possible to delete posts in bulk using WordPress. You can also delete selected posts in... How to Add a New Category in WordPress WordPress categories are handy for you to organize posts. You can create categories and... How to Delete an Uncategorized Category in WordPress You cannot remove the Uncategorized category, but you can rename it.1. Log in to the WordPress... How to Delete Categories in WordPress If you want to remove the WordPress category, then follow this instruction:1. Log in to the... How to Install a New WordPress Theme You can install a new WordPress theme without having any technical knowledge. It is so easy and... How to Install a WordPress Theme Manually You can easily install a WordPress theme and activate it manually. Please, follow the steps below... How to Delete a WordPress Theme You should remove unused themes. It is considered good practice to protect your WordPress website... How to Install a WordPress Plugin WordPress plugins are very useful. You can easily install a plugin from the WordPress... How to Manually Install a WordPress Plugin The automatic installation of a plugin is easy and straightforward. However, you can also install... How to Deactivate and Delete a WordPress Plugin You can deactivate and delete unused plugins from the WordPress dashboard. 1. Log in to the... How to Forcefully Update or Reinstall a WordPress Plugin The WordPress plugin is not working correctly, or you want to reinstall it without losing data or... How to Change the Password of a WordPress Account You can easily change the password if you have access to your WordPress account.1. Log in to the... How to Change the WordPress User's Display Name You can change the display name of your WordPress account, which shows on WordPress posts and...
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Enterprise-Grade Hardware

  • Samsung
  • Juniper
  • Western Digital
  • Supermicro
  • LSI
  • Intel
  • R1Soft Backups
  • cPanel
  • MySQL
  • Parallels
  • HP Partner