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In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to install Odoo modules.


Odoo Module Installation

Odoo comes with an abundance of modules by default, but some businesses might need extra functionality. There is a plugin for almost every possible need, but you have to install it first.

There are two ways of installing an Odoo module: Standard Installation from the Admin Page and Manual Installation of Custom Plugins.

There is a number of official modules that are easily available for installation. You can do that from the Admin Page as soon as you install Odoo.

Other modules require you to go to the Odoo plugin catalog, download the module and install it manually.

Admin Page Installation

Go to your Odoo admin page and click on 'Apps'.


You will see a list of apps that are available for installation. Some are already installed.


In order to install a new module, either use the search to type in the module's name or select a module from the list.

Finally, click on the 'Install' button. Once the installation is completed, you will be able to use the module.


Manual Module Installation

If a module is not available in the official selection, you can download it and install it manually.

First of all, we need to enable the Developer Mode in the Odoo Admin Panel.

Go to 'Settings' and click on 'Activate the developer mode (with assets)'


With that out of the way, time to find a plugin. Go to the Odoo plugin catalog.


Select a plugin that you'd like to install. Make sure to download the version corresponding to your Odoo version.


Unzip the downloaded file. You will get a folder containing all the files of a module.

Next, you need to transfer the folder to your Odoo server. We recommend using FileZilla to send the files via SSH.

Put the folder in one of the following directories:


Now that you've transferred the module folder, login to your server through SHH.

Execute the following command to make sure the owner of the module files is odoo user.

sudo chown -R odoo:odoo /opt/odoo/odoo13-custom-addons/module-directory-name

Note: change the example path to the actual path of the module's directory.

Navigate to Odoo Admin Panel and click on 'Apps'. There you will see the 'Update Apps List' button, which you need to click.


Click 'Update' again.


Now your module should be loaded into the catalog. Make sure to clear the search filters and enter the module's name.


You will now see the newly added module. Click 'Install' to install it.

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