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How to Setup Mail Servers in Odoo Print

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  1. To set up mail servers you need to go to first be in Developer mode by going to Settings >> Select Developer Mode

  2. Go to Settings >> Technical >> Outgoing emails. Here you can setup the incoming and outgoing servers.

    Below Example for how to configure SMTP Outgoing Mail Server
    • Description: A description of the outgoing mail server.
    • Priority: The priority of your mail server. The lower the number the higher the priority. This will mean that the e-mail server with the lowest number will be used the most.
    • SMTP server: The pointer to the SMTP of your server, for example,
    • SMTP Port: The port of your SMTP server, for example, port 465 for Gmail.
    • Connection security: The type of security. You should choose SSL/TLS for Gmail. The data is then sent over HTTPS.
    • Username: Your e-mail account, in this example [email protected]
    • Password: The password of your e-mail account
    Click on test connection if testing is successful you will get a connection success full message.

    TIP: by default, the time that Odoo sends e-mails from Odoo is every 1 hour. If you wish to modify this you should go to Settings > Automation > Scheduled Actions and open up the record ‘Email Queue Manager’. Modify the time to your likings. For example every 2 minutes.

  3. Below Example for how to configure SMTP Outgoing Mail Server

  4. First, go to Settings > Email > Incoming Mail servers and click on Create.
    You will get a new window looking like this

    Incoming Mail Server Setup in ODOO
  5. Let’s go over the fields:

    • Name: A name that you can choose, take something that clearly lets you know which email server this is.
    • Server Type: You can choose for POP, IMAP, and local here. POP is the most used one and is used for getting emails from the server to a client.
    • Server Name: The name for the server. Usually, you can find this with a simple Google search (
    • Port: The port where the server (e-mail) listens too.
    • SSL/TLS: Check this is you want to encrypt messages with SSL/TLS.
    • Username: The e-mail address which you want to fetch e-mails from.
    • Password: The password for your email address

  6. For Gmail it will look like this:
    Incoming Mail Server Setup in ODOO

  7. Click on Test and Confirm Button to activate this Incoming Mail Server into ODOO.

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